Challenging ordinary with Evinrude

An iconic engineering brand, reimagined with a fresh, people-first look, feel and persona for the future – while preserving their proud heritage

Where we started

Evinrude needed a new brand that preserved their heritage as an iconic brand, while presenting a fresh, cutting-edge image for the future.

The journey

How do you stand out from the crowd in a sea of similarity? By challenging ordinary. So that’s what we asked Evinrude to do. Challenge Ordinary became a brand promise that inspired everything we did for the relaunch ­– from a visual identity that literally set the brand in a different direction to the competition, to a new tone of voice: Daring, defiant and deliberate.

Evinrude’s brand imagery revolved around engines. We wanted to shift focus from product to people and the emotions they experience on the water. So Keel went where the customers were: the Miami Boat Show in Florida, to art direct an out-of-the-ordinary photoshoot.

Where are we now

We applied the same people-first principle at a shoot Evinrude’s Wisconsin HQ, where the workforce’s passion shone through in photography that put them at the heart of the relaunch event.

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