Lynx 2024

Embodying Finnish toughness to conquer the North American market

Showcasing Finland’s foremost snowmobile brand to a global hardcore audience with the most ambitious product launch to date. 

Setting the scene

Our successful relationship with Lynx, Finland’s leading snowmobile brand, has entered its fourth year. For 2024, they were looking to make some noise around their new product lineup, grabbing attention in their biggest potential market, the US and Canada.  

Still a challenger there and riding against the landscape of aggressive sales targets, a global recession and a shut-off Russian market, this year’s activity needed to do two things. First, launch this year’s epic new sleds, and second, draw potential riders away from brands they were more familiar with and, in many cases, fiercely loyal to. 

Defining the who

Starting from the insight that Lynx is designed for riders as tough as their sleds, we took the brand back to its Finnish roots. 

We looked to connect with seasoned sled-heads across the world by celebrating Finland’s rugged ‘Sisu’ mentality and setting this alongside Lynx’s famously extreme style of riding. Our aim was to solidify the idea that a Lynx is not for everyone 

At the same time, our 2024 rallying cry brought the original WE ARE LYNX brand platform powerfully to life: 


Proving it

Our ambition stretched further than ever before, with four epic film shoots in three countries across two continents in less than 60 days.  

A stunning launch film brought the mix of Finnish ruggedness and deadpan humour to life, whilst five high-octane product films showcased the sheer power and thrill these incredible machines. 

Our design and content team created hundreds of paid and organic campaign assets, amplifying the ‘WE ARE BUILT TOUGH’ message across all existing Lynx channels (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram). We also spearheaded the brand’s first forays into new, hyper-authentic channels including Reddit and TikTok. 

Once the snow settled

The 2024 launch represents a major creative and strategic step change for Lynx, effortlessly weaving both brand and product messaging together in a bold, memorable and ownable way. 

With this most ambitious launch yet, the campaign delivered on every level, against every metric. It leaves our client totally stoked and a brand forging ever deeper connections with snow junkies everywhere. 


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