That's pretty powerful stuff

 Why conviction?

Knowing who you are and what you stand for – from the big things to the small – from society to social. 

Showing up. Giving people the reasons to believe you and believe in you. Holding on to who you are and what you represent for people – in their lives, in their industry, on their smartphones. That takes conviction.

And conviction? That’s the sweet spot between being sure of yourself and open to how you can demonstrate that to people. The confidence to make decisions, as the context shifts. The creativity to change tactics, without losing your way. The assurance to stand up for an idea, cut through the doubt, make the great work. 

That’s why conviction. Because not having it makes you wobbly. Not having it lets in all those niggling doubts and keeps you up at night. Not having it makes you more likely to fall than stand. And because having it gives you the confidence to make things better and to ask for more. It unlocks the potential for greatness. Acting with conviction convinces. Brings people – customers, colleagues, the boss – along with you on the journey. Having conviction and acting on it? Best feeling in the world.

Why brand and engagement?

Clashing business priorities; different customer segments; maybe multiple markets; definitely changing channel needs; almost certainly complexity within your organisation… The list goes on. 

To engage your audience effectively with all this in play, you need clarity and direction to come from somewhere. And that’s what the brands we develop give you. Deep confidence in who you are and how you navigate these combined and competing pressures.

But a brand is only as good as how you use it. That’s why we combine brand and engagement from day one. How will we be using this language, these colours, this imagery? How will our positioning shape the way we tell stories, where we tell them and when?

How will we use every brand interaction, every pound or dollar and every asset to convince your audiences that you are right and right there for them? What is our plan for showing up for your audience every time, in the way you promised you would?

Then our effort and expertise shifts to making the kind of compelling communications that delivers on our plans, your promises and your audience and business needs.

That’s brand and engagement brought together. No time wasted. No work wasted. No opportunity to show who you are and prove your value wasted. Using our combined expertise to make every moment your audience spends with your brand work for your business.

Our values

Stay sharp

We do things properly. We focus on quality, efficiency and effectiveness – using process where it will help us get to a solution faster and more easily. Deadlines are met and met brilliantly. Expectations and roles are clear and defined. Our people want to keep learning and that keeps us at the forefront of our industry and our clients’ industries. We push to make things better, and we don’t waste time.

Start light-hearted and end light-hearted

We believe optimism and open minds get to the best work. We know that the work is not always easy and that unexpected setbacks do happen, but we start every project excited that we will get to something amazing and aim to make every client meeting the best one they have all week. We make jokes. They’re not always good ones, but we make them. And if things don’t go to plan, we get through it as a team and leave with a light heart.  

Be considered, considerate and clear

We listen to our clients and each other. It’s one of the reasons people like working with us. It gives us the chance to think through our response and get it right. We work out what the real need is and where needed we read between the lines. We tailor our answer to our audience, being mindful not only of what they need to hear but how they need to hear it. And we’re clear. We don’t bamboozle or double-talk. We are straightforward and decisive.

Ask the brave question

This is the key to getting to the right solution. Be the person in the room who is willing to take a breath and ask what needs asking – “can you explain that again?”, “are we sure we know what the client wants?”, “are you sure that is what you want?” or the ultimate in brave questions, “that’s great, but could it be even better…?” We ask questions respectfully and tactfully, and finally, we know when to let it go and start moving forward.