Medela PFP

Building modular content for Medela’s professional audience

A leading mother and baby brand, ready to bring an innovative new product to market – empowered to engage a professional audience with a modular content campaign. 

Where we started

An active salesforce ready to bring an innovative new product to market, but faced with a diverse group of professional targets – from hospital purchasers and pharmacy retailers to midwives and neonatal healthcare professionals. All with different needs and drivers.

The journey

We had to overcome two key challenges with our launch content campaign: firstly, the different needs and influences of our prospects; secondly, this product had been developed for highly specialist use, and had to be explained and communicated, consistently, and according to global regulatory approval, at every level.

From day one, this was not going to be a one-size-fits-all content approach. The audience was too varied and too specialist for that.

But we still needed a solution that would be effective, efficient and scalable for the salesforce. Using our deep understanding of the sector and insights from our healthcare network, we plotted the key drivers of the different target audience.

We designed a modular content approach for the teams that was based on core product benefits.

Where are we now

Building the content in ‘story blocks’ meant that for the first time, the sales teams were able to create a bespoke sales experience for their target, based on their understanding of their purchase needs. And it meant that however the content was configured, whatever channel or format, the information and messaging were consistent and accurate.


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