If you’ve got style, do you still need strategy?

When so much of the conversation in the beauty, wellbeing and fashion sector is driven by shifting trends and changing tastes you could feel like your content plans write themselves.

What does it matter what your carefully laid strategy might say when the data says searches for ‘glitter lips’ or ‘collagen supplements’ are up 300 per cent? In the same way that some retailers are able to create data-driven products, some brands choose to work in an almost entirely reactive way – delivering keyword-filled content to meet search activity on a daily basis.

The challenge this brings for brands is they run the risk of becoming nothing more than present. They are the person who turns up to every party and stands in the corner, wearing the right thing but never really making a mark. Increasingly brands must be known for more than just trend-based relevance. This is where a content strategy comes in.

Creating a framework

An effective content strategy will add structure to how you choose and tell your stories – from product to purpose and everything in between. The right strategy may include a robust data-driven input that gives you strong search presence or a high volume of responsive content. It should also create space for you to build original, unexpected or brand-building content to surprise and charm your audiences.

Building a manageable system

Some brands are #blessed with seemingly endless resource when it comes to content creation – making responsive, always-on content a no-brainer. If your brand is working with a leaner, multi-tasking team, then a well-made content strategy with a distribution plan that has been developed with your team in mind will ensure you are not left with a content burden that is a constant source of stress or equally bad, poorly served or empty channels.

More than just a newsfeed

Content without strategy tends to focus on ‘what’ you talk about and neglects the ‘how’ and ‘why’ (and the ‘where’ and ‘when’, really). When we create content strategies, they are firmly linked to the coming business priorities, the brand position and tone of voice, and any shifting of perception that might be needed. By building layers in the content strategy beyond what the trend data is telling us, we can design content that delivers against multiple objectives under one clear purpose. This can be challenging for some brands – the temptation to follow the numbers can be compelling. When a brand is brave enough to break out of the cycles of counting ‘likes’, the opportunity to experiment and be bold opens up. If you would like to talk to a member of the Keel team about how we could work with you to develop an effective content strategy, get in touch. Or schedule one of our Limited Edition Beauty Power Hours. The Beauty Pop-up Power Hour is a bespoke workshop session to tackle a particular brand or content issue you’re facing. Zoom or IRL, our team will work with you to get to practical steps to help you navigate your challenge.