The beauty edit: post-Covid 19 beauty industry

Okay, we don’t have a crystal ball, but it definitely seems that some of the new shopping trends and consumer behaviours we’re seeing are here to stay. We’ve seen many brands adapting to new ways of shopping and consumer engagement – and tech has played a major part in this. From Instagram Live make-up masterclasses to TikTok challenges, brands are investing online to stay current and in consumers’ minds. This move looks set to pay off, even when stores start to open again.  L’Oreal  has reported a 52.6% increase in e-commerce sales this year – accounting for nearly 20% of total sales of the group. And according to Cosmetics Business 55% of shoppers are unlikely to return to beauty stores within the first week of reopening. Brands who haven’t embraced this new world of consumer engagement can take a look at China for inspiration. The fusion of live streaming and eCommerce is already established and popular there, with everything from product launches to campaigns being live-streamed. It is becoming increasingly clear that the pandemic will leave a lasting impact on the beauty industry. Now is definitely the time for beauty brands to start rethinking digital strategy.