The beauty edit: body positivity

We’ve come a long way since the Calvin Klein ads (and others) of 2009 – selling images that were unattainable for many. It was beautiful to see a recent Calvin Klein ad featuring black trans model, Jari Jones – and more than that, it definitely felt like a step in the right direction.

But of course, it’s only one step.

On Instagram we continue to see influencers scrutinised over their bodies – criticised for looking “too thin” or “too big”. However, we’re seeing pushback on this more and more. We love seeing Gabriella Pozzoli standing up to this with her “same body, different pose” posts – reminding her followers that Instagram is not necessarily real life. And it was great to see people protesting Instagram’s repeated removal of Nyome-William’s images and warnings that they would shut downher account based on the latest shoot. The model has made it very clear that she feels she is being subjected to different rules to “skinny white women”.

The move towards body positivity can’t just be a 2020 trend. It needs to stick and become the norm. The industry needs to celebrate all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. It’s great to see many brands embracing this, but as always they are risking backlash. Good on them, we say. You can’t please everyone, but when a change is needed, there will always be the people who fight for it, and the people who fight against it. We know where we stand.