Reviving the Rotax heartbeat

An engine powerhouse with a neglected brand – brought back to life with a serious jolt of adrenaline and a reminder of who they were and what they made possible for their customers

Where we started

Meet Rotax. An engineering business with a history of innovation and superstrong culture that was getting lost in old-fashioned branding, inconsistent storytelling and frustrated teams.

Navigating the differences between the need-for-speed Karter, the weekend off-roader and the dream-made-real flier isn’t easy, but that’s what Rotax innovation does, and that is what our new brand position, values, character and identity needed to do.

After one phone call with Rotax, we knew that everything we needed to build their brand was hidden in the halls of their Austrian HQ and the hearts of their teams.

The journey

First stop, Gunskirchen to host a series of fast, furious workshops to get to the root of their business, their values and the elusive Rotax spirit.

Using our unique position – immersed in the business, but still had outside perspective – we pulled them back to a simple truth. Whatever the vehicle, whatever the terrain, Rotax is the power source at the heart of every adventure.

The moving parts we built to bring this to life? A new colour palette and clean, modern design approach – a departure from the macho weight of the rest of the industry. A bright, bold tone of voice with a set of versatile, powerful messaging frameworks – delivering consistency and confidence throughout their communications. The heartbeat itself. Precise, passionate, dynamic and crafted.

Where are we now

The Rotax brand is transformed. Communications are consistent and compelling. Rotax has a clear role in customers’ passions. The new identity stretches across their diverse audiences and channels from recruitment fairs to racetrack sidings to websites and brochures. And crucially, for such a people-focussed brand, the team have a story they are excited to tell and a brand they are proud of.