Reigniting the Lynx spirit

A cult snowmobile brand in need of an attitude boost – relaunched with its unique character redefined and ready to disrupt

Where we started

Lynx were getting lost in a crowded marketplace. Product parity, a strong reliance on industry conventions, a relentless model launch pipeline. All this meant they had lost their edge, their character, and their connection to the next generation of riders.

The journey

To get to know a brand, you have to immerse yourself in it. So, we ventured into deepest, darkest northern Finland to get a taste of the Lynx spirit. What we found was a passion for snowmobiling and love of the wild that they had lost sight of.

This was the root of how they build their sleds and how they ride them. We defined it and shaped it for them. We built their brand around it made it the price of entry to be part of the Lynx ‘tribe’. What it takes to be one of our Nordic snow junkies.

We developed a distinctive, disruptive voice for the brand, built on the unique Scandi soul. We created a photographic direction for the brand that doesn’t rely on the usual huge jumps and tricks. And we created a secret symbol that was carved out of the Lynx logo and into the snow of Finland – the ‘Cypher’ is the sharpest expression of the brand’s cult status.

We defined a content purpose and strategy that lived outside the model launches – focussing on relationship and brand-building content that could stretch beyond the snowy season, make use of the fierce passion of our tribe, and build loyalty in a competitive market.

Where are we now

The new Lynx brand has been embraced at every level of Lynx and the parent company, BRP. Lynx has a singular voice in the market that is distinctive, ownable and usable by the teams and the tribe. The new brand direction and identity are influencing the next model lineup. And within two weeks of the final artwork, a Lynx rider had had the cypher tattooed on their chest.


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