Refreshing the Silvikrin style

A heritage hairspray brand looking to connect with a younger consumer – given a fresh new look to match their range.

Where we started

How do you attract a new, younger audience to the UK’s #1 selling hairspray brand without alienating its heritage consumer base?

The journey

Silvikrin has been selling hairspray for generations, but while it’s the trusted favourite for hold among seasoned shoppers, its classic status left it floundering on the bottom shelf, both literally and in terms of desirability for a modern audience. It was time to take some of the brand elements Silvikrin is known for, and freshen them up. A brand invigoration.

First, the green that is synonymous with the brand – but had begun to overpower the styling and hair in communications – became a hero element. By bringing it into the fashion and make-up and using it as the dominant background colour, we were able to ‘own it’, while letting the model shine.

Second, the signature Silvikrin hand position combined with a knowing smile, becomes tongue in cheek, a sophisticated nod to quality and poise.

And thirdly, a more European casting brief moved the brand into the inclusive future and allowed us to add our model’s timeless elegance into the mix.

Where are we now

A brand that’s ready to take on the next generation.