Lynx 2025

The ‘Sisu’ sequel that blends Finnish toughness with unstoppable riding and irresistible humour

Continuing to celebrate Finland’s best loved snowmobile brand and announcing their tough new product line up.

Setting the scene

After the smash success of our 2024 Lynx product launch campaign on both sides of the Atlantic, we were tasked with producing an even bigger, tougher, funnier sequel in 2025.

We had all the ingredients for another epic launch campaign: Lynx’s ‘tough as old boots’ Finnish roots, an incredible new sled line up, big name brand ambassadors and of course…our iconic ‘Sisu’ brand spokesperson – Timo.

Defining the who

We continued to build upon the brand insight that both Lynx sleds and riders are ‘Built Tough’ and are completely at home in the harshest conditions.

Tapping into the ‘unstoppable’ mindset that all hardcore snow-junkies share, we aimed to demonstrate that we ‘get’ them more than any other brand – helping us cut through the category noise and achieve our steep sales targets.

Proving it

We doubled down on what worked fantastically for us the year before, introducing our brand spokesperson’s bigger, tougher brother to help launch this year’s sleds in a series of hilarious ‘can’t-miss’ campaign film content and comms.

From scripts to storyboards to shoots, we maintained our creative excellence and bold conviction in delivering our biggest and most ambitious product launch campaign to date.

And despite challenging -40 temperatures, we nailed yet another epic campaign launch film, 4 playful product films and sled-load of other social, digital and print assets.

Stone cold results

The 2025 campaign maintains Keel bold vision for Lynx in a homogenous sector, and continues to demonstrate the importance of launching product through a bold brand lens.

Whilst we await the full campaign metrics to establish whether it matches the success of last year’s campaign as the most viewed BRP campaign launch film ever – or exceeds it, we continue to help the Lynx brand work with conviction.