Wella Color By You

Launching Wella Color By You with influencer stories

A fun, pop product launch given depth through influencer storytelling – think social sparkle, standout retail experience and narrative films

Where we started

Wella had a new colour range to launch to a young, global audience. The range of super-bright, pop colour dyes, hair makeup and glitter gels had experimentation, self-expression and self-discovery at its heart. We knew our launch campaign needed to capture that spirit and speak to the deep desire in our audience to be authentic and unique.

The journey

Working with global influencers from the Middle East, Mexico, London and the US, we created a launch campaign centred on the platform of busting stereotypes. We worked with the influencers to understand their stories and brought their stories to life in the campaign film.

The product became the hero, as it created a technicolour world for our influencers to play in. Key visuals, point of sale and social were dramatic pops of colour – with contemporary colour blocking and styling to keep the design clean, impactful and cool.

Where are we now

The campaign was delivered in a global asset toolkit and launched in markets around the world. This new approach to product storytelling gave Wella a distinctive, authentic role for influencers and a new way to connect with a younger, social audience. The point of sale and education content created have set a new benchmark for retail assets in the Wella colour and styling team.


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