Launching the new Medela tech to millennial mums

Putting women at the heart of the launch of new personal tech – through lifestyle photography and diverse storytelling imagery

Where we started

Medela had developed a gamechanging new pump, but under a new brand position as the champion of mums, we needed to launch a premium product – the new Freestyle Flex – through the lens of a lifestyle solution.

The journey

Anyone who has spent time in the world of ‘marketing to mums’ might have noticed that, regardless of the product or service, everything is baby first, mum second. Having created beautiful work for Medela focusing on the bond between mum and baby, it was time to get up and out of the nursery.

Building on the insight that the vast majority of women want or need to maintain many aspects of their identity before they became a mother, we created Designed For Life. This global, integrated campaign, showcased Freestyle Flex as an essential part of a toolkit that helps women be a mum and a friend; a mum and a professional; a mum and a partner. A promise that resonates with women in every one of our diverse markets and translates beautifully into every language.

Where are we now

The launch of Freestyle Flex marked a huge step forward for Medela – a testament to their role as a true champion of women. The global toolkits of content and campaign assets have been locally activated by over 20 markets and represent the most diverse and ambitious campaign Medela has ever launched globally.

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