Launching EXA to challenge
industry convention

A new infrastructure challenger launching into a stale category – set up for success with a brand balancing robust credibility and rebel spirit to shake up their category

Where we started

EXA came to us with an exciting challenge. Whilst being the owners and operators of one of the world’s most extensive fibre networks connecting Europe and North America, they were about to exit a larger parent company. They needed to create a new brand from scratch; build on a customer base of some of the world’s biggest data users; and takeon some heavy hitting competition in the B2B tech space.

The journey

It immediately became clear to us that for all its innovation, the category was full of tired tech industry conventions, with no brand bold enough to make a distinctive statement or stand out. The EXA team let us dig into the new business they were forming – what were they hoping to achieve? How did they want to work? What were their people like, and how would their teams grow?

This gave us the springboard to create a value proposition and purpose that was firmly rooted in EXA’s core; a new set of distinctive, contemporary company values to live and breathe; and a confident character and tone of voice that would stand out in the category.

Next was the creation of a thoroughly modern visual identity that captured the energy of the proposition. It challenges industry convention – bypassing the old and leapfrogging the new style of the category. The photography allows EXA to tell stories from the big picture vision of their infrastructure through to the specific details of how they unlock potential at every level. The character, tone and identity are a springboard for content, storytelling and thought leadership that truly represents this ambitious new business.

The EXA brand is sharp and decisive, bringing together precision and
a grounded strength and confidence – fit for a leader, albeit a new one.

Where are we now

The newly created EXA brand has been launched, including a new website and suite of business collateral, everything they needed to launch and grow with confidence from day one. Our partnership with
EXA continues, supporting them with branding their new London HQ, upcoming trade show events and employee experience communications.