Setting sustainability in stone for a heat exchange leader 

Establishing this heat exchange technology brand as a leader in sustainability.

Setting the scene

Güntner is an undisputed frontrunner in heat exchange technology. That puts them in a position of responsibility for the impact their industry has on the environment. Recent data has shown, for example, that refrigeration and air conditioning is responsible for 17% of global energy use.  

Güntner has already been making improvements to become more sustainable. But we were asked to help take them further and faster with the help of a creative campaign.

Defining the who

We brought together major stakeholders to define Güntner’s approach to sustainability. After a series of interviews, we identified four sustainability themes and developed related messaging, including the company’s manifesto.  

We also gave Güntner the conviction to commit to six sustainability pledges, bound to a 2030 deadline. We wanted those pledges to be rock-solid commitments, not just warm words. Our solution is the ‘set in stone’ campaign. It visually articulates each pledge through 3D modelling to grab attention and convey them in a fresh, unexpected way. 

Proving it

Güntner’s sustainability story came to life initially with a dedicated landing page on guntner.com and the news was spread through a series of LinkedIn posts. The ‘set in stone’ campaign appeared in a variety of collateral, from the corporate website to a digital booklet and presentation, as well as in print ads and digital banners.

Our work has been so well received that Keel was engaged to develop a set of films that support Güntner’s 2030 mission. We combined content from their sustainability representatives and UGC from employees to create seven films that expand on the pledges and further establish Güntner as a role model for their industry.