Delivering Doddle’s big ambitions

A leading  name in logistics and distribution – reinvigorated with a characterful, energetic brand and brought to life through in-store branding and purposeful content.

Where we started

Doddle make picking up parcels easier and are based in the UK. We needed to deliver a brand identity with the same simplicity that Doddle offered their customers.

The journey

With a promise of being ‘reliable, simple and easy to use’, Doddle’s visual identity had to be equally no-nonsense, yet recognisable enough to launch a challenge to an established market. With tone of voice, in-store layouts, web design, animations and more, we helped them tell their story consistently across every part of their business.

Where are we now

We inherited brand work that had no clear, real-world application. Keel transformed that into an elegant, comprehensive, useful and recognisable brand – easily applied across the broad content campaign we created, and which continues to be used today.