Creating emotive launch assets for new Medela cream

Bringing a beauty approach to the launch campaign of a healthcare product – from emotive filmmaking to premium photography

Where we started

With its new and improved formula, Medela was ready to relaunch Purelan as part of its growing breastfeeding support range. They were also looking to grow market share through two methods: convincing HCPs that Purelan is the superior lanolin cream choice to recommend; and persuading mums that Purelan is the most effective cream for sore nipples. All this is a highly competitive and highly regulated market.

The journey

We knew Medela had a superior product, but as with many things relating to parenting, we also knew effectiveness was only going to be one part of the story. Our team worked with product development research and a panel of breastfeeding women to get to the heart of this experience. This led to our core guiding principle: empathy is as vital as pain relief. As advocates of breastfeeding women, Medela needed to demonstrate that they understood the battle – wanted to give your child the very best versus the pain of sore, cracked nipples. We developed a premium lifestyle campaign built on a singular message: Don’t let nipple soreness stand in your way.

Hero film, key visuals and social images were created with a diverse cast of breastfeeding women, creating a suite of striking, beautiful assets to be used throughout the content ecosystem. These were supported by a toolkit of informative, product level assets, including print, point of sale and digital banners to serve both the consumer and professional audiences.

Where are we now

The finished campaign both celebrates breastfeeding in a premium, emotive way, and showcases the product as both effective and appealing, using visual language from the beauty industry. Once launched internally, local markets requested the asset immediately to go live, with minimal adaptation needed for their markets. They felt the campaign idea resonates with mums globally and elevate a support product to a new level within the business. All 85 individual assets created for this campaign across the customer journey, are live globally.

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