Creating a gorgeous campaign
for Wellaflex

A household beauty name refreshed with a more premium look – made modern and gorgeous through elevated photography and sleek design

Where we started

The beauty brand how-to has long relied on professional stylists to demonstrate a look… but that fails to put the consumer at the heart of the story. It was time for Wellaflex to prove their range plus a little knowledge is all you need to achieve your best hair day.

The journey

Taking the professional out of styling content can strike fear into the hearts of creators… but not Keel. We saw the departure of a hairdresser to teach the look in these how-to films as a huge opportunity to showcase the superiority of the brand and product. The models create the look on their own hair, showing simple, easy to recreate technique. The films, created specifically for Instagram Stories, combine the quality of an above the line campaign, with the educational value of a YouTube series. Our models make using the product look easy and desirable. The finished product? Premium haircare content for modern audience.