Home Accent

Building a beautiful e-commerce brand for Home Accent

One of London’s largest purveyors of silk flowers, vases and artificial plants entering the competitive world of online sales – made ready thanks to a new identity, beautiful photography and premium e-commerce site.

Where we started

As one of London’s largest purveyors of silk flowers, vases and artificial plants, and originally a market stall in Covent Garden, Home Accent has had a loyal customer base for years; but they needed to expand even further and delve into the online world of e-commerce. We needed to create a website where they could sell and showcase their products online, as well as entice customers to visit the unit in person.

The journey

The best way to design a brand that heroes the products on offer was to see them ourselves. We visited their Aladdin’s cave, hidden in a warehouse unit in South London, and immediately knew we needed to create a look and feel for the brand that would portray their fabulous products in the right light. Choosing the right colour palette and photography style was the key to building their brand and highlighting the luxurious, high quality nature of the products available.

We designed a new logo that had an air of elegance and sophistication to it, accenting it with gold. This is not only used on the new website, but throughout the store and Home Accent brand.

Using Wix, we built a website from the ground up, tailoring every page to suit Home Accent’s needs. We knew that they wanted the products hidden from the general public and so made certain areas of the site ‘member’s only’; while specialised galleries and contact information were free to view by all.

We chose the photography direction that was elegant and used a mixture of textures and colour blocks to help the text sing, organising a shoot on site that took advantage of their many displays. Contrastingly, the product shots were clean and minimalist, allowing the customer to view each item easily and without any distractions.

Where are we now

Once we published the site, Home Accent increased their online traffic tenfold and continue to add new products to the site.