Bringing Medela closer to mums

From vacuum tech provider to parenting lifestyle brand – delivered through brand repositioning and brought to life through content

Where we started

Medela was a vacuum technology company making breast pumps, with the ambition to become a lifestyle solution brand for Millennial mums. With a new brand line and vision – Mother’s Milk Everyday Amazing – they tasked us with finding ways for them to make this a reality for their teams, their consumers and their partners.

The journey

We knew Medela needed a new brand identity – verbal and visual – that would get every part of their communication ecosystem working hard and consistently to reinforce their new position. Cue a new set of brand guidelines, a new tone of voice and distinctive graphic elements that would give them immediate standout on shelf and in channels.

Our next move was to overhaul their owned channels – a quick audit and a complete makeover. We reorganised and repurposed their existing content and bolstered it with some fantastic knowledge that was hidden in the organisation to create a content experience that mirrored the stages of pregnancy through to birth and infancy. To truly refresh the experience, we shot a library of new brand imagery – diverse mums, babies, products and feeding shots that lived up to the new tone, character and mission of the brand.

We were on track. We had built a strong foundation and a set of brand tools, the final piece of the brand repositioning was to activate every part of their content ecosystem.

Changing the direction on such an established brand takes a demonstration of commitment. We worked with the Medela Knowledge team to create the world’s most robust, insightful and entertaining resource on the amazing lifechanging capacity of breast milk.

Introducing the Amazing Science of Mother’s Milk content campaign. A series of animations, GIFs, social posts, print collateral and at its heart, a 13,000 word ebook, feeding every question, concern and late-night Google search mums-to-be have about breast milk.

Where are we now

A fully activated new lifestyle position in 13 markets around the world. A strong, consistent, mumcentric voice for the brand, fully embraced by teams and partner agencies.