Beauty (brand) lessons from our new cultural role models

Billie Eilish: Mastering mass appeal without losing your edge

When it comes to mass appeal, 5-time Grammy-winning musician Billie Eilish has it nailed – with an estimated wealth of $53Million and a long waiting list of high-profile collaborators. Through this incredible rise, Eilish has stuck doggedly to her edgy, but relatable, individuality.

Brand lesson: Stay true to your roots

A clear sense of ‘self’ makes decision-making easier – from new product development and brand management – and enables everyone to be crystal clear why your brand exists.

Jameela Jamil: Matching conviction with commitment

Jameela Jamil’s refusal to accept the status quo of the beauty, wellbeing and fashion industries shows no signs of losing pace. Whether she is tackling ‘quick-fix’ dieting products or uncovering tabloid tactics, she is unafraid to take on the world’s biggest names and media organisations.

Brand lesson: Take a stand

For brands, having an unshakable stance on anything and using it to elevate the conversation beyond product demands commitment. Natura is a global player, but unites its brands (Body Shop, Natura and Aesop) on a strong ethical foundation, one that informs all local brand marketing.

Taylor Swift: Growing in the public eye

Throughout the many phases of Taylor’s career to date, we’ve seen Country Taylor, Pop Taylor, Tough Taylor, Political Taylor, to name a few. But through it all, she’s handled it as evolution, not revolution, taking her fans on the journey with her, and gathering millions more acolytes on the way.

Brand lesson: Don’t be afraid to evolve

For brands, change may be more to do with cultural shifts and audience needs, and even the most successful businesses need to work to stay relevant. This doesn’t have to mean throwing out your brand and re-engineering, even heritage brand truths and legacy tone of voice can be a springboard into a bright, relevant brand.

From brand creation to content planning, keeping an edge is often about sticking to your guns. We work with business of all shapes and sizes to create outstanding brands and deliver content to build deeper connections with their audiences. Get in touch to talk to Keel about your beauty and wellbeing brand needs or to schedule a limited offer Beauty Pop-up Power Hour with our brand and content specialists. The Beauty Pop-up Power Hour is a bespoke workshop session to tackle a particular brand or content issue you’re facing. Zoom or IRL, our team will work with you to get to practical steps to help you navigate your challenge.