The beauty edit: phone, keys, wallet, mask!

Many fashion and beauty brands were quick to catch up-on this new consumer must. A lot of us won’t be used to wearing a face mask for a prolonged period of time and people are starting to experience issues with their skin. So, Superdrug has created content to help consumers fight “Maskne”. Despite the fact that a […]

The changing face of healthcare brand and content

As we continue to see science playing a role in beauty content – whether it’s a focus on active ingredients or the ongoing battle over terms like “clean” and “chemicals” – we’re seeing a shift in the other direction on the side of healthcare. Navigating regional regulations and clinical claims used to be the prerogative […]

Beauty (brand) lessons from our new cultural role models

Billie Eilish: Mastering mass appeal without losing your edge When it comes to mass appeal, 5-time Grammy-winning musician Billie Eilish has it nailed – with an estimated wealth of $53Million and a long waiting list of high-profile collaborators. Through this incredible rise, Eilish has stuck doggedly to her edgy, but relatable, individuality. Brand lesson: Stay […]

The beauty edit: what is the new norm post-Covid 19?

We’re all waiting (with a little nervousness) to see what July 2020 has in store! One week in, we’re starting to see industries gearing back up. So, so far so good. Well, apart from Kanye West announcing his candidacy for the US presidency, but that’s a whole ‘nother story… Let’s focus on the beauty industry – […]

The beauty edit: post-Covid 19 beauty industry

Okay, we don’t have a crystal ball, but it definitely seems that some of the new shopping trends and consumer behaviours we’re seeing are here to stay. We’ve seen many brands adapting to new ways of shopping and consumer engagement – and tech has played a major part in this. From Instagram Live make-up masterclasses […]

The beauty edit: lockdown in style

The lockdown is still in full swing for most of us and we’re excited to see so many beauty brands, facialists and many more doing a brilliant job of keeping their consumers engaged. Many have embraced technology – showing it is possible for you to look after your skin, even without your regular monthly salon peel […]

The beauty edit: body positivity

We’ve come a long way since the Calvin Klein ads (and others) of 2009 – selling images that were unattainable for many. It was beautiful to see a recent Calvin Klein ad featuring black trans model, Jari Jones – and more than that, it definitely felt like a step in the right direction. But of course, […]